3D Flyover Video of PennEast Pipeline Route in vicinity of the Route Start (MP 6 to MP 0)

This is part 14 of the 3D flyover video series of the PennEast routes. In this installment, we look at the route where it starts in Luzerne County, PA, at mile posts 6 to 0.

As always, the 400′ survey corridor is in smokey gray, the pipeline 50′ permanent easement line is in red, and the light blue areas are temporary construction zones. There is also a 100′ construction right of way not shown here.

 I have also begun organizing these videos, they are all available under the “3D Flyover Videos” top navigation area.
I estimate there is about half a mile of co-location along this section of the route, effectively the interconnects at the the very start.  The rest is routed all through rugged hilly terrain and old-growth forests.
At 1:32 it starts to reach the top of a ridge, and then starts a long, steep descent down the hill side.
We need to wake up PA officials and show them the lie of “co-location” in their towns and counties.

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Mike Spille

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2 thoughts on “3D Flyover Video of PennEast Pipeline Route in vicinity of the Route Start (MP 6 to MP 0)

  1. thank you for this! are we free to post this on our FB pages, this and all the other absolutely wonderful stuff you sent us last night after the meeting???

    thanks! sharon furlong



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