Pressuring home owners to sign their rights away

Scott in Lehighton PA has a disturbing story:

In addition, I would like to let you know that about one week after we received our certified letter and barely had enough time to figure out what was going on, PennEast sent out a representative that came to my house early one Saturday morning. He wanted me to sign off on the easement rights to my property. When I began to question him, he had absolutely no answers to any of my questions. He did however state that I should sign off on my easement rights because most of my neighbors had already done so. Upon questioning my neighbors none of them told me that they had signed off on there easement rights. Therefore, I was lied to by PennEast Pipelines representative for the gain of the company. This seems to me to be unethical and unscrupulous business practices and should be addressed directly by you to them.

His full comments are available here:

Scott from Lehighton – FERC Generated PDF

Scott from Lehighton – FERC Generated PDF Alternate Site