Energy executive says “Not in my backyard!”

Mary Jean of Upper Black Eddy, PA has a real eye-opener of a comment to the FERC:

I already have the Transco Pipeline next to my back yard, within 1000 feet of my home, and I don’t want any other pipelines near my home. I certainly don’t want the Penn East pipeline to be situated within 50 foot of my residence. It is interesting to me that Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, a proponent of the natural gas rush, would agree with me. Although he is a proponent of the natural gas industry, he’s not too keen on having natural gas facilities, even a benign fresh water tower, near his home. He joined a lawsuit stating that such a tower would ruin the aesthetics and hurt his property value. I quote: “The construction of the water tower will create a constant and unbearable nuisance on those who live next to it.” The lawsuit goes into great detail to lay out the problems experienced by those who are subjected to fracking operations. To be clear, he thinks that it is fine for industrial gas facilities to be built near other people’s homes – he just doesn’t want one near his home. For the record, after receiving much negative publicity for hypocrisy, Mr. Tillerson dropped out of the lawsuit – but his friends and neighbors will carry the lawsuit forward. My family and I do not want additional pipelines and the processing facilities that pipeline necessitate – like compressor stations, metering stations, and glycol dehydration plants like the problematic Chapin station just across the border in Wyoming County.

Her full comments are here:

Mary’s comments – FERC Generated PDF

Mary’s comments – FERC Generated PDF Alternate Site