Maybe the pipeline will miss your property….or maybe you’ll lose everything

Charles from Albrightsville PA has been told that the pipeline will probably just miss his property. Or it might run right through his house. PennEast isn’t sure but will (eventually, we hope) let the gentleman know their decision.

I am a landowner whose house and property are within the 400 foot wide zone of consideration for the proposed PennEast natural gas pipeline along North Old Stage Road in Albrightsville, PA just South of Hickory Run State Park. I have discussed the proposed route several times with several representatives of PennEast.

While those representatives have indicated that the route may not cross my property, their questioning of my future negotiability for land easement purposes indicates to me that they have not yet ruled out such a location.

I am concerned that the route will cross my property in an area that is currently occupied by my house, two garages, two potable wells, a septic field and various valuable trees and under which are two natural aquifers. In addition, the currently proposed route will parallel two existing petroleum pipelines closely enough that an explosion or fire of any will necessarily result in the involvement of all, the results of which would be catastrophic for any nearby homes. Coupled with loss of view of our wonderful wooded area and loss of value of our land, this pipeline project will ultimately have a severely detrimental effect on the residents’ environment.

His full comments are available at one the links below:

Charles PA – FERC Generated PDF

Charles PA – FERC Generated PDF Alternate Link

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