The Rolling Hills Farm

Like so many people, Jane and Jason of the Rolling Hills Farm in Lambertville NJ had a dream. They moved from NYC to Hunterdon County in search of a rural life. Now eminent domain is being threatened to run a 3 foot wide high pressure pipeline through their organic farm.

2 years ago, my husband and I left Manhattan to start an organic farm in Hunterdon county. We have worked hard, are conscious stewards of the land, and grow clean food for our community in the midst of a country-wide epidemic of health problems due to lack of healthy product in America. Our farm happens to have the electrical easement on it that PennEast proposes to use. It goes straight through the farm, 10 feet from our historic home; an old area orphanage built in 1840, and directly through a registered historic Lenape settlement in the woods below our fields.

As you can imagine, the land would be decimated by the 100ft wide cuts- and we would no longer be able to farm organically. I could go on, but it boils down to the fact that we as family fundamentally oppose the practice of fracking and this pipeline proposal. Instead, perhaps FERC could support research and development into sustainable energy- to put us back on the map with countries like Germany, who have initiatives that bring them into the future, and not push us farther back by poisoning the land and putting citizen’s health on the line in order to take part in the Fracking bubble?

It is the fact that a giant conglomerate company could possibly undermine the efforts of individual citizens to make our country a better and healthier place, that disappoints me so greatly.
This farm is our American dream. Please give me faith that the government will support us, and it’s citizens, and refuse to let this tragic pipeline befall our families, communities, and ecology when it comes time for you to review the Penn East proposal.

I am counting on you.

You can see their web site here:

Rolling Hills Farm web site

Their FERC Submission is below:

Jane and Jason – FERC Generated PDF

Jane and Jason – FERC Generated PDF Alternate Site

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