Objections to Tetra Tech

Many, many, many (many!) people have written to the FERC objecting to the appointment of Tetra Tech to run the environmental impact study of the PennEast Pipeline. Teresa from Pennington, NJ is one of them:

I request that FERC rescind the appointment of Tetra Tech to perform the
Environmental Impact Study for the proposed PennEast pipeline. It is
absolutely necessary for an unbiased company to undertake this most
important endeavor. Tetra Tech belongs to the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

This is a clear bias.

The health of our community depends on clean water. This pipeline will
cross a multitude of streams and waterways and disturb pristine lands
that serve as a filtration source for our drinking water. The
environmental impact statement must be unbiased and accurate. Public
Health is at stake here. FERC let’s get this environmental impact
evaluation done right. Please appoint a company whose true aim is to
determine the real impact that the PennEast will have on our environment.
Please rescind Tetra Tech’s appointment. If Tetra Tech is permitted to
submit a biased environmental evaluation this will reinforce the belief
that FERC doesn’t work and the pipeline application process is a sham
rather a meaningful process.

The basis of most of the objections is that Tetra Tech is an associate member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (http://marcelluscoalition.org/). From what I can tell this organization exists primarily to promote Marcellus Shale exploitation. I’m not sure if being an associate member of this coalation is a smoking gun or not but it does seem to be a cause of concern.

Teresa’s submission is available below:

Teresa’s submission – FERC Generated PDF

Teresa’s submission – FERC Generated PDF Alternate Site

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