Last time I checked NJ and PA were not in New England

A critical part of PennEast’s plans to use eminent domain is that they must prove this pipeline is serving a well defined public need and is in the public’s interest.  Their response to this is that the pipeline will serve businesses and consumers in eastern PA and NJ.

Which leads me to this:

Crestwood says strong demand for New England pipeline

This article describes how Crestwood Partners plans on building a new pipeline, the MARC II, to connect the PennEast pipeline to New England.

Wait, what? New England? NJ and PA aren’t in New England!

You’re right.  Even fifth graders know that.  But PennEast and other projects are in fact building connectivity to their pipelines for many markets. Marcellus gas flowing on PennEast could go to PA and NJ. And also go to Connecticut, Massachusettes. Vermont, Maine. And south Delaware and Virginia.

And of course onto ships from Cove Point LNG terminal to the south and the Downeast LNG terminal proposed to the North.

All the pipelines in this country are interconnected so gas can flow wherever people contract for it.

PennEast saying that this gas is intended for just NJ and PA is just plain lying to you.

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