There is no Appendix A

On March 26th, 2015, PennEast submitted a document to the FERC responding to FERC comments received after March 6th, as well as verbal comments from the scoping meetings.

In accordance with the Response to Scoping Comments, PennEast has continued to review and log comments posted to the docket after March 6, 2015, including comments documented in the scoping meeting transcripts. PennEast hereby responds to concerns raised in the comments posted to the docket between March 7, 2015 and March 20, 2015, including those raised in each of the five scoping meetings.

Appendix A provides four tables that identify the commenter, describe the issue or concern raised, and provide a response or cross-reference to address the specific concern. Specifically, Table 1 of Appendix A responds to comments from federal, state, and local agencies, Table 2 responds to comments from non-governmental Organizations, Table 3 responds to comments from affected landowners and abutters, and Table 4 responds to comments from other individuals. Each table groups the comments by issue, specifically identifies the commenters that raised the particular concern, and indicates the scoping meeting at which the commenter raised the concern.

PennEast is committed to addressing concerns raised by landowners and other stakeholders in this Pre-filing review process and the related certificate proceeding and will continue to work with stakeholders throughout the environmental review of the Project. All stakeholders will continue to have opportunities to provide comments on the Project.

All this sounds great, right? PennEast finally will respond to the verbal scoping meetings, let’s see what they have to say.

Except – there is no Appendix A.  All we get is PennEast’s intro letter and that’s it.

This document without an appendix was filed with the FERC four business days ago and it appears nobody has even noticed.

These are the people we’re forced to trust to build a safe and reliable 3 foot wide, high pressure natural gas super highway through our towns. Corporate flacks who can’t even remember to add a critical appendix to a submission, and a regulatory commission who doesn’t even notice the omission.

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