Keep your FERC submissions coming

Even though the scoping period has closed the FERC has indicated that they will continue to accept scoping comments and have PennEast respond to them.  So please keep them coming!  Take some time out now and write a comment if you haven’t already.  FERC will close that window soon and you’ll have missed your chance.

For my part I’ve gotten a flurry of new submissions in today. As always I’ll include links to the main FERC site as well as their backup site. Because, well, their website is terrible but at least usually one or the other side is up.

I finally was able to successfully upload my article documenting PennEast’s deceitful arguments about this pipeline serving Eastern PA and NJ so that they can invoke eminent domain. It just ain’t so, and I prove why this is using industry press releases and regulatory filings.

Next up, we have an earlier blog post that shows the connection between the Downeast LNG export terminal and PennEast. The two are hooked up via the Algonquin pipeline interconnect in Lambertville, NJ. That interconnect is one of the explicit justifications for PennEast. Except that interconnect doesn’t help us here in NJ – it helps people in New England, and people overseas if Downeast gets approved.

Finally I’ve begun uploading the PennEast pipeline route pictures I’ve been taking for the past several weeks. Parts 1-6 are now up on the FERC site. These were done as PDF exports of the web pages so they’re copies of the exact site. Parts 7-10 have been uploaded but are still pending confirmation from FERC as of this writing.

The purpose for this is two-fold. First, I think it could help PennEast and FERC if they see the actual locations where the pipeline is being proposed up close and personal. Put the farms, homes, schools, open spaces, preserved lands and parks that PennEast is targeting right in their faces.

The second, grimmer purpose is that if PennEast does go through these pictures will serve as documentation of what these lands look like before the pipeline. In the depressing event PennEast does get approved I will be revisiting all of these spots and taking “after” photos to show the devastation that PennEast is causing. I’ll then have another series showing each area in side by side before and after shots. If nothing else this could help future protestors for other pipeline projects, and having them up on will keep them safe and incontrovertible.

Pipeline route pictures part 1-3 (NJ):

Pipeline route pictures part 4-6 (NJ):

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