Letting the FERC know what you think about PennEast just got a whole lot easier…

Even though the number of comments to the FERC opposing PennEast have been impressive, we could do better.  I know a lot of people in particular get frustrated trying to navigate the FERC site.  It’s down constantly, and even when it’s up you have to navigate a crusty old web site that feels like a throw back to 1998.

Well, you don’t need to do that anymore.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network has created a page to make it trivially easy to send a note to the FERC docket:


You can choose to either write your own message, edit the sample provided by the Riverkeeper, or just send the default form as is. You can also choose have the DRN either send your submission in electronically, or have them print and mail it.

Some come on folks! Take 5 minutes out of your day, visit the site and add your voice to the opposition. Let the FERC know the depth and breadth of opposition PennEast faces and that their pipeline is not wanted or needed.

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Mike Spille

I'm a thinker, an analyzer, a synthesizer. Maybe not in that order. I live in West Amwell NJ with my wife Kristina, our two kids Day and Z, our two dogs Fern and Cinna, and three cats Ponce de Leon, Oliver, and Doolittle.

2 thoughts on “Letting the FERC know what you think about PennEast just got a whole lot easier…

  1. Thanks Mike, I just forwarded this to the Delaware township committee so they can send it in a email blast out to everyone.

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  2. Just sent this to FERC via the Riverkeeper’s website:
    I am begging you to oppose the PennEast Pipeline project. I do not live in the area, but my son and wife have property and a home that will be directly and negatively affected by this project. I have visited the area and seen how rural, fragile and beautiful it is, and how destructive the pipeline will be to the ecology, aesthetics, and quality of life there. We are also threatened by pipelines where I live, and they are being opposed here by concerned citizens as well. We have seen eminent domain abused by government, and do want to see that happen to one of the last truly rural areas of the Garden State.

    As New Jersey resident, I know that this pipeline will not benefit me in any way, nor will any natural gas pipeline running through my state in order to sell fracking gas overseas. It is wrong to treat American citizens like dupes and fools and expect to rubber stamp this pipeline project without giving consideration to the harm it will do. The negatives far outweigh the positives for everyone but the gas companies and their backers. Rich and poor in PA and NJ will be hurt if this goes through, and nobody in the area will be helped, not even the union workers on a project that will be temporary, and then those jobs will be gone, leaving danger to the water and wildlife and unfixable devastation of the environment and family farms behind.

    Please stop this destructive and ill-conceived project.


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