PennEast files

The new docket number is CP15-558.

I urge everyone who opposes this pipeline to declare to FERC that they wish to be an intervenor. The site and Facebook page will have in-depth instructions on how to do that.

In a nutshell, declaring that you are an intervenor reserves several rights for yourself, including being notified of all documents delivered in relation to the project, and also the right to be part of any legal proceedings (or bring them yourself). There is no real downside to being an intervenor.

You have about 3 weeks to declare yourself as a “timely” intervenor. If you file within that time period you’re pretty much guaranteed in. If you file as an intervenor late it’s much more involved and you can be denied by FERC. So get it in early! There are already dozens of intervenors declared (myself included).

The full application link is at the end of this post.  I urge everyone to go through it with a fine tooth comb.  I have just started, and I can tell you that the application is just terrible.  The scoping documents were sloppy, missing information, misleading and plain wrong in many cases.  The same is true of the application.  In the first ten minutes of looking I found that in one area they mislabelled Goat Hill Road as George Washington Road and confused the Delaware River with the Hudson River.

I wouldn’t trust these people to put together a kid’s bike, let alone a 100 mile long high pressure natural gas super highway.

Intervenor Declaration Quick Reference

For those who are FERC-savvy, the process is the usual FERC rigamarole. You must be eRegistered with FERC. Once you are, you need to do:

Get to Doc-less intervenor Page

Login -> eFiling -> General -> Intervention -> doc-less Motion to Intervene -> Next

Fine the docket

From there you:

Enter Docket CP15-558 -> Hit Search Button -> Select Blue Cross -> Next

Text declaring your wish to be an intervenor

The next screen is where you put in your declaration to intervene.  It can be as simple as saying:

“I reside in a township impacted by the PennEast pipeline and have a number of concerns related to the project.  As such I wish to declare myself as an intervenor”.

You can add as little or as much as you like, but you don’t need to put your whole opposition to the pipeline here.  If you you’re a directly impacted landowner or an abutter you should say so.  If you have other concerns you want made known in your declaration add them as well.

Remember this is just a declaration to intervene, you can eFile later on with all of your specific objections.

After that hit Next.

Specify organization or business

Select “As an Individual” -> Next button

Contact Info

Write in your email -> Add As Signer Button -> Next button

Submission Description

Just hit Next Button

Last Page

This is a summary page.  Hit “Submit” button and your motion will be submitted.  If you did this within the 21 day limit you’ll be an intervenor.  You will get an email shortly as receipt of your filing.

After this you can continue to eFile and make your case against the pipeline at your leisure.

Next Steps

For convenient reference, here’s the full application along with resource reports and appendices. I’ll be putting a perma link on the menu bar when I get the chance.

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3 thoughts on “PennEast files

  1. First line of this notice “The new docket number is CF15-558.” This is wrong. It’s CP15-558. It’s CP not CF.
    I copied the docket listing from this first line of this post to use for FERC website. I kept getting an error when I tried to register. Then I discovered the info was wrong. Please delete or correct so others don’t make same mistake


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