Final application route available in Google Maps

The final map from the PennEast FERC application is now available online.  As mentioned before it is mostly the same as previously shared maps but there are some changes, so please check it out for your area.  What PennEast calls a “minor” change can have a life-long impact on the people who have to live with it.

This map includes the following:

  • The center line of the pipeline, so you can judge exactly where they intend to put it.
  • The 400′ wide “survey corridor”.  I’m not sure why they’re still including this.  Don’t confuse this with the construction ROW, that will be smaller.
  • Mile markers.  The mile markers are a good change.  Most PennEast documents reference features by mile marker.  Now you can see exactly where the things you care about on the route are in terms of mile marker and see what impacts PennEast has planned.
  • NOTE: The route is essentially fixed.  Don’t expect any more big changes.  Small changes may be mandated for a number of reasons but think dozens of feet, not hundreds of feet or miles.

We’ll be getting maps online soon with the detailed construction plans along the entire route.  You can see the raw maps now in the application if you want to jump right in, but be warned they’re very unwieldly files to use.

The map is below.  I’m working on getting the “Detailed Route Map” tab updated.

PennEast final September 2015 Route Map

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