Suez intervenes on the docket

Today Suez intervened on the docket about their water treatment facility at the Swan Creek Reservoir, and their concerns about PennEast impacts.  This validates what’s been reported to date that PennEast is a direct threat to Lambertville’s water supply.

From the filing:

SWNJ is a water purveyor and property owner in the location of a portion of the proposed PennEast pipeline. SWNJ’s Lambertville Water Treatment Facility provides water to approximately 4,000 residents and businesses in the City of Lambertville and Town of West Amwell, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. SWNJ relies upon the critical infrastructure associated with the Lambertville Water Treatment Facility – namely the Swan Creek Reservoir (the “Reservoir”), the Raw Water Intake Pipe from the Reservoir (the “Intake Pipe”), and the Lambertville Dam (the “Dam”) – to provide such essential water service to the area. The PennEast proposed pipeline project will directly transect the Intake Pipe and be located approximately 350 feet away from the Dam. SWNJ is concerned about the safety of its critical infrastructure given the close proximity of the proposed pipeline to the Dam and the fact that the pipeline, as proposed, will transect the Intake Pipe. SWNJ is also concerned about the effects the installation of the proposed pipeline may have on the natural state of the property surrounding the Reservoir.

Accordingly, the Commission’s actions in this proceeding, which relates to the construction and operation of the proposed PennEast pipeline, directly, and immediately affect SWNJ, and no other party can adequately represent SWNJ’s interests. By intervening in this proceeding, SWNJ will be able to monitor all developments in this matter that may affect SWNJ’s interests including the potential effects of the proposed pipeline’s location, construction, and operation in the event PennEast’s application is approved. The Commission, therefore, should allow SWNJ to intervene in these proceedings.

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