3D Flyover of Proposed PennEast Pipeline Route across the Appalachian Trail

This is part of the 3D flyover video series of the PennEast routes. In this installment, we look at the Appalachian Trail crossing of the project in Pennsylvania.

As always, the 400′ survey corridor is in smokey gray, the pipeline 50′ permanent easement line is in red, and the light blue areas are temporary construction zones. There is also a 100′ construction right of way not shown here.

In the video, we approach the trail from the South East.  Just as it approaches the upgrade, the route turns sharply to the West, paralleling the trail for some distance.  All of this portion is green field development through old growth forest.  No co-location in site.

It then turns north again and climbs up the mountain (again all through old growth forest).  Near the top is a 700 HDD section (visible in the video where there are no light blue temporary work spaces), the one sop given to the trail.

It then follows some of the Blue Mountain resorts roads for a bit along the ridge, then plunges seemingly straight down the mountain side.

Don’t let the HDD portion fool you.   The AT corridor in this area will be permanently scarred by the 100′ clear cut route of the pipeline on either side of the trail, and the use of HDD means the part closest to the trail will have the greatest impacts (due to HDD entry and exit sites requiring a lot of space).  Trail walkers along the ridge will see the permanent scar running parallel to the mountain to the north and south, thanks to PennEast’s brilliant routing.

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