Oh my God Becky, look at that bluff

This is part XI (!) of the 3D Flyover video series of the proposed PennEast Pipeline route.

This one is a look at another one of the Important Bird Area (IBA) Avoidance Routes, specifically the one that avoids the Holland/Milford area in NJ and instead routes through Bucks County.

The potential route is in transparent red, we fly a few hundred meters above it.  The route is shown in a 350′ wide zone of uncertainty, given the coarse natures of the maps provided by PennEast.

The video starts at the Delaware River and heads North.  So at the very beginning we go straight up a very steep climb, then continues going up and down some modest hills.  It then heads out through old growth forests, paralleling a narrow power line cut.

After a long path through forests, it gets dramatic around 2:10.  There the route goes right to the very edge of the Delaware River bluffs on the PA side.   Just before turning left you can see the Gilbert generating plant across the river in NJ and the Gilbert interconnect route to get to it.

The route then teeters on the very edge of the bluffs, like the Man in Black peering down from the Cliffs of Insanity.

After the bluffs, it dives into PA heading out through farm country.

It terminates at the interconnect at Route 78.

As with all of the IBA Avoidance alternatives, the routing choices are just nuts.  It’s clear that PennEast put nearly zero effort into the routing.

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