Help us show that the FEIS is wrong

Did you comment on the DEIS? Then we need your help.

A key part of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) from PennEast is Appendix M.  Appendix M contains all of the FERC staff responses to everyone’s comments on the Draft EIS.  If you commented on the DEIS, this includes you.

In a rare act of being somewhat helpful, FERC staff actually put an index on the front of the Appendix M.  This correlates everyone’s DEIS comments to a response either in the document, or in some other part of the Final EIS.  The link to Appendix M is below:

Link to FEIS Appendix_M_DraftEISCommentResponses.pdf


  1. Right now, mentally commit some time to do this. For the truly organized, put in a calendar entry on a convenient date in the next week for “Show the FEIS is wrong!”
  2. When it’s time to Show the FEIS is Wrong, open the document and find your name.  If you represent an organization, search for your name plus any variations on your organization’s name.
  3. Find the comments referred to in the index.  Reacquaint yourself with your witty prose and devastating comment to FERC about how bad PennEast is your family, your home, your town, your region, and the environment.
  4. Find the FERC staff responses to your comment
  5. Document JUST HOW BAD FERC’S response is in an eFiling to FERC

You can find your exact comments using the FERC advanced search and your comment’s “Accession Number”:

Link to FERC’s Advanced Search

Do the following to do a lookup by Accession Number:

  1. Extend the date back to 2015 to ensure it’s searching all documents
  2. Put in the PennEast docket CP15-558
  3. Near the bottom, put in your Accession Number in the Accession Number field
  4. Hit Submit

For reference, here are all the Final EIS files:

Link to Final EIS Files

If you’re unable to post your findings to FERC, or you have questions, please email me at


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