Photographing the pipeline route, Part 13: The last part of the New Jersey Route

The last part of the pipeline route has us traveling in a westerly direction towards the Delaware River. It’s some of the hilliest country yet with some very narrow roads, scenic views, and lots of exposed bedrock. My helper Fern has a stoic look about her; I think she knows she’s in for a long ride in the jeep today.

We drove along 519 in the Northern part of Millford, and again as in so many places you could see the bones of the mountains peeking through the soil and coming ride up to the side of the road.

Navigation has been a challenge, even with GPS, because many of the roads and road signs are like this:

Many times you don’t know you missed your turn until you see your little red dot zooming past it.

Shot 218 – Crabapple Hill Road
Our first destination was Crapapple Hill Road, a very narrow windy little bit of a road with some spectacular views of the mountains across the Delaware. This is the country the pipeline is going through!

Shot 220 – Crapapple Hill road looking East
A view of the east at the pipeline route on Crabapple Hill Road. Yet another very steep slope and a virgin cut through the forest. More segregation of wild life, more erosion, more damage to the ecology:

Shot 221 – Crabapple Hill Road looking south
Looking south along the road.

Shot 222 – Crabapple Hill Road Hill head on
Looking head on on the hill to the east, with the jeep in view. This shot shows you just how steep this hill really is.

Shot 226 – Crabapple Hill Road to the west
Looking west along the pipeline route. More forest, more hills.

Shot 229 – Phillips Road looking West
We move on to Phillips Road at the site of a farm. The pipeline will be crossing the farm and a small stream here.

Shot 230 – Phillips Road looking south west
A shot of the farm.

Shot 231 – Phillips Road looking East
The view to the east along the pipeline route.

Shot 232 – Church Road to the east
Next up is Church Road, a fairly major road for the area.

Shot 233 – Church Road posted
A posted sign on Church Road along the route.

Shot 235 – Church Road to the west
Looking to the west on some kind of access road for a farm or residence.

Shot 236 – Church road to the west alternate angle
The pipeline route seems to be somewhere between the gate to the right and house on the left.

Shot 238 Riegelsville Millford Road
Over on Riegelsville Millford Road we have someone who’s very into hunting and outdoor art. Believe it or not this display seems to be right in the survey corridor.

Shot 239 – Riegelsville Millford Road wide angle
A wide angle shot. There’s more on the right!

Shot 241 – Riegelsville Millford Road more animal art!
More animal art to see here.

Shot 242 – Riegelsville Millford Road to the west
To the west we have the Georgia Pacific plant. I imagine they’re going to route around this?

Shot 244 – Riegelsville Millford Road Animal Closeup
A closeup of the other animals – turkeys and bears, oh my!

Shot 245 – Riegelsville Millford Road Bear closeup
Closeup on the bears.

Shot 246 – Old River Road
Old River Road is, as you may expect, a road that runs along the Delaware River. This is a shot to the east of a stone house in the survey corridor.

Shot 250 – Old River Road river shot
A shot of the river and the trees on the PA side.

Shot 251 – Old River Road looking North
Looking north along old river road towards the pipeline crossing point. There are many stately homes along the river which must be worth a pretty penny for the views.

Shot 252 – Closeup of PA side
A closeup of the PA side from Old River Road. They’re going to lose a lot of these trees to pipeline construction.

Shot 253 – Hoots
Our last view of NJ was “Hoots”, a tavern right where the bridge crosses to the Delaware.

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