Welcome Aboard Lambertville!

Many people have noticed that Lambertville has not been very involved with the fight against PennEast.   While they were one of the first towns to pass a resolution against the pipeline in the Fall of 2014, since then they have gone radio silent and have not been seen on the FERC docket or elsewhere.

A number of groups and individuals have been working tirelessly for months to try to change that, and their efforts have finally come to fruition.

On Monday, August 1st, Lambertville City held a special township committee at the Acme building that was focused almost exclusively on the PennEast pipeline and what the city can do about it.

In it the Mayor and city council members agreed to the following:

  • The City of Lambertville will be intervening on the FERC docket in opposition to the project
  • A pipeline committee will be formed to investigate the pipeline and advise the city council.
  • The pipeline committee will meet with the Suez company, who owns and operates the Swan Creek Reservoir that supplies the drinking water for the bulk of Lambertville residents.
  • The City will consider expending money for experts to comment on the DEIS and otherwise oppose the pipeline, in the range of $10,000-$15,000.  This last point was somewhat tentative.

The city pipeline committee consists of:

  • Jeff Titel, director of the NJ Sierra Club and Lambertville Resident.
  • Sue Begent,  Lambertville Resident and tireless organizer of the newly formed Lambertville Coalition Against the PennEast Pipeline Consortium (Lambertville CAP).
  • Myself (I’m not a Lambertville resident but with my house 1.2 miles from the city line I’m close enough!).
  • A member of the city counsel and three other Lambertville residents who volunteered from the crowd.

Speaking of crowds, the Acme meeting area was packed to capacity with residents opposed to the pipeline, and they cheered when the Mayor and council agreed to begin taking action.

Many thanks to Sue Begent for jump starting this whole process. And to Jeff Titel and Toni Granto of NJ Sierra Club for supporting and help guide the entire effort.

Please consider supporting the NJ Sierra Club, they have been front and center in the fight against PennEast and many other projects in the area.  For more information please check out their website:



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