September 2016 Route Map Now Available

The September 2016 route changes are now available for viewing in Google Earth:

Note that this route map is hard to see when zoomed fully out. Zoom in to your area to see the actual impacts.

This map is a little different from the ones PennEast has published before (of course).  This one does not have mile markers on it, but it does show the exact impacts from the pipeline and its construction.  The picture below shows a sample of what the new maps look like:


The orangey-beige line in the center is what PennEast is calling the “operational” right-of-way for the pipeline.  This is what they will keep clear-cut forever, and varies from 35′ to 50′.

The yellow area outside of that is the “legal” right of way.  This is the 50′ area centered over the pipeline.

The blue areas show the “temporary construction” areas.  These will also be clear-cut of trees.  This is the first time they’ve put the temporary construction areas into an easily used Google-map form for people to look at (note: after the DEIS comment period, of course!).

Areas that show no blue temporary construction zones are areas where horizontal directional drilling (HDD) will be employed.  In those areas there is no digging down from the top, instead they will be drilling underneath the land.  Note: while HDD minimizes impacts where it goes under, the entry/exit points for HDD are typically huge and have very large impacts.  Here’s a sample near Brockville Hollow Road where a new HDD proposal is in place:


Here you can see a big blue rectangle in the middle of the screen and then no more blue below it – the rectangle is the HDD entry/exit staging area.

Above ground facilities are also shown, these are shown in dark blue outlines.  See below for an example:

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.53.46 AM.png

This sample is from the terminus of the pipeline route in Pennington.  These are the Transco interconnect and Transco receiver site.

If you have any questions or issues with the maps please don’t hesitate to email

The map links on this site and on have also been updated.

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