FERC adds another 30 day comment period to PennEast EIS process

Today, FERC sent a notice to all intervenors that a new 30 day comment period is opening up.  This is in response to the 33 route changes PennEast filed in September, 2016.  As such, FERC is also sending this notice to all of the potentially new impacted landowners.

The link to the document is available here:

FERC Notice of Additional 30 Day Comment Period

This is HUGE, and will almost certainly delay the mid-December planned date for the Final EIS.

This also goes beyond PennEast.  Other recent pipeline projects in the FERC queue have also had their FEIS schedules delayed due to new comment periods.  While FERC has been stating that these new comment periods are being added to allow newly impacted landowners a chance to comment on the changes, there are indications that FERC is actually reacting to negative pressure from many other Federal agencies such as the EPA, which has been pushing back against FERC hard in the past year.

We’ll have to see just how far out this pushes the FEIS, and what impact this would have to PennEast’s schedules.  They’ve already suffered one major delay that pushed construction back a year.  Let’s hope this one might push it out yet another one!

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