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As we mentioned before, FERC has opened a 30 day comment period on the PennEast pipeline that runs from Nov 4th 2016 to December 5th.  We need you, your friends, your neighbors, and anyone else you can think of to take advantage of this opportunity and comment to FERC.

While the comment period is ostensibly about the route changes PennEast made in late September, 2016, you can in fact comment on any aspect of the project.  For those who want to focus on just the September 23 2016 filings, you can get all the files over at pipe here:

The first  two files have a broad overview of the changes with some boilerplate text describing the changes.  The rest are detailed construction maps (including HDD proposals).

To help people along, the Citizens Against the Pipeline (CAP) organizations are putting together a series of templates that people can submit.  We’ll be distributing these through all of the CAPs and various web properties in the next week.

Here’s our first set, which are admittedly biased towards my neck of the woods (West Amwell/Lambertville).  These are all in MS Word format:

As always feel free to personalize and modify these to your tastes and concerns.  More to come!

If you’re not sure how to comment, please visit this page for detailed instructions:

As always, we ask that people try to split comments up by topic, one topic per submission, so that FERC doesn’t lose anything in the process.  Also, if possible please try to submit new, original comments.  Recycling old comments can help, but fresh new ones are always better.

We also have a motivation powerpoint (link below) to help underline why it’s still important to comment, and some “wins” we’ve had in recent months.  This fight is far from over.

West Amwell CAP Presentation – 30 Day Comment Extension

For anyone with any questions or comments, as always feel free to email me at

Running these sites is getting expensive!  Please help defer our costs and pop over to the donate page, or use the donate button below.  Thanks!

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