Open cutting through our roads

So PennEast released part of their “traffic plan” today as part of their big data dump to FERC.  It’s not so much of a plan as it is a list of what roads they’re crossing, and whether they’re going to bore under them, HDD under them, or simply open trench cut through them.

Originally indications were that PennEast would bore or HDD under every asphalt road, at least in the NJ side.

Well, they changed their minds.  The following is the list of roads where they intend to Open Cut trench.


Blackwell Road (twice)
Lawrenceville Pennington Road/Rte 632
Reed Road
Pennington Titusville Road
Goat Hill Road (Twice!)

West Amwell
Hewitt Road
Old Route 518 W

Delaware/Kingwood Area:
Phillips Road
Dogwood Drive
Church Road

Holland/Alexandria Area:
Phillips Road
Gilbert Plant Road


Sherers Hill Road
Spring Hill Road
Durham Road
Raubsville Road
Hexenkoph Road
Buttermilk Road

Birkland Place
William Penn Highway
Church Road
Green Pond Road

Hecktown Road

Monocacy Drive/State Route 987
Hatch Gravel Rd T496
Glase Road
Biegley Road

State Game Land Access Road MP 51.0R2
Lower Smith Gap Road
Whitetail Ln

Little Gap Road
Spruce Road
Beers Ln
Long Fenc Rd
Spruce Hollow Rd

Lovitt Road/T527
Towamansing Rd
Redwood Drive
Balsam Drive

Shades Glen Road

Election Road
Cody Ln

Ridgewood Road
Union Street
Shulde Ln
North Ridge
Bunker Hill Road
Carveton Road
Gypsy Ln

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