Photographing the pipeline route, Part 6: Delaware Township

Part six takes me into territory I’m less familiar with.  Mostly I only know route 29, and the route 179/202/31 corridors.  All the land in between I’ve only explored minutely.  If I get any names or details wrong please let me know. Also the boundaries between Ringoes and Delaware Township is a bit fuzzy to me and there’s lots of little neighborhoods mixed in for good measure.
Lambertville Headquarters Road
Around Alexauken Creek the power line easement converts from high tension power lines to regular power lines. In many cases the cut looks much smaller as a result, which means PennEast will have to again widen cuts to make room for construction.

Lambertville Headquarters Road second shot
An alternate view of the route. As you can see the cut is fairly narrow here.

Cedar Lane Farm Posted sign
A Posted sign from Cedar Lane Farm adjacent to route.

Brookville Hollow Road sculpture
On Brockville Hollow Road I came across the “Turtlemoon Studio” which appears to be adjacent to the pipeline route. They have this simply awesome eagle sculpture at the base of their driveway. Anyone know anything more about them?

Brookville Hollow Road Looking South
A view of the pipeline route looking south from the road. Another steep slope, and you can see the cut is not sharp like in many places but somewhat over grown and still very narrow.

Brookville Hollow Road Looking South Alternate Angle
An alternate angle of previous shot.

Brookville Hollow Road Looking North
This is the view looking north along the route from the road. There is a beautiful fenced in property here with gorgeous landscaping. The pipeline route appears like it will cut right across their driveway. There’s a small stream right behind this house that the pipeline will also go across.

Sandy Bridge Road Looking south
A relatively flat and open section of the route, with the pipeline going through an open field.

Sandy Bridge Road Alternate Shot
Alternate shot of Sandy Bridge Road.

Sandy Bridge Road Anti pipeline sign
A protest sign next to the route.

Sandy Bride Road Looking North
A shot looking north. You can see how little the cut is here too.

Sandy Bridge Road wider shot
A wider shot of the previous one.

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