Photographing the pipeline route, Part 9: More of Kingwood

We continue in Kingwood to see such features as a pepper farm and a huge solar panel array imperiled by the pipeline route.
Sanford Road North Closeup
A zoomed in view to the north on Sanford Road.

Hewitt Road (Kingwood) looking south
There are two Hewitt Roads in Hunterdon county – ours and the one here. The pipeline of course is going to cut across both of them.

More moderate hills here for the route.

Hewitt Road Lockaton Wildlife Management Area
Sign for the Lockaton Wildlife Management Area on Hewitt Road. From what I can see the management area is a few hundred yards downstream from the pipeline route.

Feather Bed Lane looking north
Pipeline route just clipping a horse farm on Feather Bed Lane.

Feather Bed Lane looking south
Reverse view looking southward.

Feather Bed Lane north closeup
A zoomed in shot to the north.

Kingwood Locktown Road Pepper Farm
Chile pepper farm on Kingwood Lockdown road. The pipeline route goes through the eastern part of their farm.

Kingwood Locktown Road Looking North
Looking north on Kingwood Lockdown Road.

Kingwood Lockdown Road looking south
Southward view where the pipeline route goes through the chile pepper farm and apparently through some decorative grasses. It looks like they were put there on purpose to camouflage the ugly power line easement cut. And will be gone when the pipeline comes through.

Barbertown Point Breeze Road Solar Array
You can tell that PennEast just used Google Earth or an equivalent program to plan their route and had no feet on the ground. This solar array was just installed in the last few years and does not show up on Google Earth or Google maps. As you can see here it is real, though, and the pipeline is slated to run right through the middle of it. Good planning, guys. We can see you really did careful planning here.

Barbertown Point Breeze Road Northward
Looking north on Barberton Point Breeze Road. I doubt the sportsmen club will be happy with this development.

Barbertown Point Breeze Road Wide Angle
A wide angle shot of previous view.

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